The American millionaire who was in contact with 5,000 women! How to get stuck?

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Shocking reports have emerged that a businessman from the United States was in contact with about 5,000 women.

Michael Goguen runs a well-known company in Silicon City, USA. He owns a number of companies and is a well-known billionaire in the United States.

He started working for Sequoia capital in the early days and grew to become a shareholder in the same company. But the women who worked there were fired from the company for sexually harassing Michael Goguen.

Since then he has started his own company and is now a huge businessman. He is married and has 2 children. In this situation, 4 women working in his company have lodged a sexual complaint against him at the police station.

One of the women who filed the complaint, Michael Goguen, has made a shocking complaint that he has been in contact with 5,000 women so far. Not only that but in the excel sheet he has collected all the details of 5000 women he was in contact with as evidence.

The complaint also states that Michael Goguen kept the details of the women who contacted him in a safe room.

He has since been charged with 135 pages. He is also seeking $ 800 million in damages in connection with the case.


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