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Nine to ten months: the antibodies produced by the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus would last in the body in people who have been positive, or who are negative but positive on the serological test: one of the data of the study conducted in Vo’ Euganeo in Veneto from Andrea Crisanti, microbiologist at the University of Padua. The research, for which this data has been anticipated for now, is being reviewed by the scientific committee of the journal Nature and it will take at least a month and a half before publication. The research, conducted together with the Imperial College of London, adds to the many devoted to the duration of antibodies, a crucial issue to understand if and when a booster of the vaccine will be necessary. The duration of immunity given by antibodies to Covid is one of the most debated issues, because there are no definitive data. According to a study published a few months ago in Science by the Mount Sinai hospital in New York, most patients who have had a mild or moderate form of Covid-19 maintain a strong neutralizing antibody response for at least five months, while for one King’s College London study immunity drops rapidly within three months, especially among the elderly and asymptomatic. However, other important studies suggest that immunity (with neutralizing antibodies) can last on average between 6-8 months, but it is clear that the more time passes the more we will be able to have precise information, even if the individual’s response counts a lot.

How the study was done

I can’t say anything more – explains Crisanti – because the studio is under embargo. For the moment these are the only things I can say about the research done on the citizens of Vo ‘. Watch out for, it’s not just Covid positive people, but also of people who are negative but positive on the serological test, it simply means that these asymptomatic subjects had contracted Covid before we went to test them and in the meantime they recovered, even in them the aAntibodies remain around for a long time. The study seems to suggest that the rather long-lasting protective barrier for positives, but also that those who fell ill last year could fall ill again, all evaluations to be taken into account for vaccination.

How the study took place

The population of Vo ‘is now a case study since the beginning of the pandemic. Not only was the country that counted the first Covid victim on February 21, 2020, but it involved the vast majority of its approximately 3200 citizens on several occasions with swabs and serological analysis. For this last study, the citizens of Vo ‘underwent last November the fourth test lap, which was also joined by the inhabitants of Auronzo di Cadore, one of the most virulent clusters during the second wave. Unlike the first three occasions, this time only the 160 residents that last May, at the outcome of the venous sampling, they had shown the presence of Covid antibodies, and therefore immunization to the virus. The main objective of the new sampling – explained Enrico Lavezzo, co-author of the study with Elisa Franchin – to evaluate after 6 months what the level of antibodies against Sars Cov2 in these people of whom we already have a previous data: to understand if remain over time, and how many antibodies are present in these patients. There will be important implications for understanding the biology of the virus, and for vaccine development, also for assessing what the long-term consequences may be.

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