The appeal of the nurse who goes to the home of cancer patients: «What am I going to tell you to do? The fear is great. Support us »

| Courier TV

Martina Gatti is a young nurse from the Ant Foundation, based in Florence, who deals with home care for cancer patients. He shot this clip while he is going to the home of one of them, in the usual daily “tour”, in these days of emergency from Covid-19. “What am I telling you to do?” The fear is great, both of being infected and of infecting. We are running out of masks, gowns and personal protective equipment. But we nurses and doctors of the Ant can not stop. Our patients need us and we are doing what we can. You can help us in this by supporting our Foundation. The fear is great, but we do not give up. I am convinced that if as a community we make the right choices, everything will be fine ».



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