The application “Gosuslugi Avto” has a service of online filling in the Europrotocol

The Europrotocol Online service has appeared in the State Services Auto mobile application, which will allow you to register an accident without calling the police and filling out paper forms, according to the website of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia.

To fill out the Europrotocol, you need an application that can only be installed by one of the participants in the accident, but all drivers must have verified accounts on the “Gosusulgas”. It will be necessary to indicate information about vehicles and OSAGO policies, describe the circumstances of the accident and photograph its drawn diagram, the scene of the accident, including damage, indicate disagreements.

“It is enough that “Gosuslugi Avto” is installed on one of the drivers. The second participant in the accident must only confirm the correctness of the data using the link generated in the application, ”the ministry said in a statement. The department clarifies that if all participants have the application, registration will be faster and take no more than 30 minutes. If the parties decide to draw up a paper European protocol, then the service can make a photo fixation.

At the same time, the ministry reminds that in order to draw up a European protocol, there should be no victims in an accident, and there should be no damage to other property, except for cars.

If the drivers have no disagreements and the damage has been photographed, the insurance company will reimburse up to 400,000 rubles, if the drivers have disagreements and there is a photo fixation, or, conversely, there are no disagreements and there is no photo fixation, the amount of compensation will be up to 100,000 rubles. “If there are disagreements and there is no photo fixation within the framework of the European Protocol, there will be no insurance compensation. In order to receive compensation in such cases, you need to call a police officer and file an accident not according to the European protocol,” the Ministry of Digital Development notes.

According to Andrey Chernenko, Deputy Head of the Ministry, the service reduces the time for registration of an accident by almost half. “There is no need to visit the office of the insurance company – the notice will go to the insurance online. Another advantage of the service is that with Europrotocol Online there is no risk of data errors, the form is automatically filled with information from the State Services. This increases the likelihood of compensation for damage from the accident, ”his words are quoted in the message of the Ministry of Digital Development.

The Public Services Auto application was launched in 2021. Currently, it is possible to store the STS in it and present it electronically to the traffic police inspector, transfer the STS to another person, as well as pay fines and sign up for re-registration of a car and replacement of a driver’s license.


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