The Army neutralizes 147 terrorists – Info Mali

The Army neutralizes 147 terrorists – Info Mali

The Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) neutralized, from March 12 to 24, 2023, more than 147 terrorists in several areas, the General Staff of the Armed Forces announced last Friday in a press release.

During the period indicated, the FAMa carried out six airborne operations in the localities of Korondoli (Sofara sector); Balaguina, Diallo, Songo, Bodio, Mondoli (Bandiagara-Plateau Dogon sector); Boulkėssi (Sévaré sector) and Ouonkoro (Bankass sector). As well as 14 offensive reconnaissance missions in the localities of Korondoli (Sofara sector), Balaguina, Diallo, Songo, Bodio, Mondoli, Boulkéssi, Ouonkoro, Sokolo, Indeliman, Téssit, Douentza, Boni and Gossi.

The FAMa carried out eight airstrikes from fighter planes, helicopters and drones. As well as drone surveillance in several sectors. “Six terrorist sanctuaries destroyed in the sectors of Indeliman, Téssit, Bandiagara and Niono. 67 terrorists neutralized in different areas,” the statement said. And to state that 32 suspects were arrested in the sectors of Ouonkoro, Boni and Douentza.
According to the security source, several types of light weapons, chargers, a large quantity of ammunition, improvised explosive device (IED) manufacturing materials, means of communication and various materials were recovered. As well as 25 motorcycles and five pick-ups destroyed as well as two improvised explosive devices neutralized.

Moreover, on the basis of very specific information, notes the document, offensive reconnaissance missions supported by aviation were launched against armed terrorist groups (GAT) in the sectors of Bandiagara, Indelimane and Tessit. Combining land maneuvers, air strikes and airborne operations. These offensive reconnaissances made it possible to surprise the GATs and inflict great losses on them, both human and material.
Thus in the sector of Indelimane, indicates the military source, the Army eliminated 58 terrorists, destroyed three sanctuaries, 1 pick-up and about thirty motorcycles. In the Bandiagara sector, 22 terrorists were neutralized by our brave soldiers. They also destroyed their logistics. At Tessit, 2 terrorists on motorcycles were neutralized. The Army also destroyed their sanctuary and their means of travel.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, these actions disorganized the GATs and contributed to the surrender of several terrorist fighters in several sectors. Before magnifying the good collaboration of the populations with the FAMa throughout the national territory. This, in order to flush out and neutralize the GAT and their accomplices.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces presents its most saddened condolences to the families and brothers-in-arms of the five soldiers who died in combat in Soumpi then between Nara and Mourdiah and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

Souleymane SIDIBE

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