The artist Mordechai Shapira who performed at the mixed event: We will draw lessons from the show

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In an event that took place last night at the nation’s buildings, the artist Mordechai Shapira appeared before hundreds of yeshivot and seminary girls, who were present at the venue with a mixture and terrible break-ins | Many educators have expressed their protest at the scandalous conduct and the breach of the Holy Walls and now the artist is issuing a statement of clarification and apology

After last night, all the borders were crossed and all the most basic boundaries of sanctity were breached, on which the ultra-Orthodox and Torah public trust. During a performance by singer Mordechai Shapira with the participation of boys and girls from the ultra-Orthodox sector who sat together mixed in the nation’s buildings, when apart from the mixed sitting in the hall, the voice of women singing from the audience was well heard, artist Mordechai Shapira now issues a clarification.

A fence was broken: boys and girls danced and sang together in a performance at the nation’s buildings in Jerusalem

Shapira’s spokesman said: “Last night (Monday) I performed at the nation’s buildings in Jerusalem in front of an audience of thousands, to whom I came especially from the United States.”

“Unfortunately,” says Shapira, “for a short time dances began that I could not distinguish from the stage due to the large lighting and the fact that the hall is large and wide. As an ultra-Orthodox artist and as someone who grew up and was educated in ultra-Orthodox institutions,

“From the beginning, I only appear in performances that take place according to the halakhic boundaries. I asked the event managers and the production company that accompanies me to hold a meeting urgently to learn lessons and to prevent the recurrence of such cases in the future.”

Shapira concludes, “I will continue to make the yeshiva members happy out of a prayer that no trouble will come out of my hands.”

It should be noted that despite the clarification published by the artist and the taking of responsibility, in his personal account on the social network, Doug Shapira shared documentation in which the terrible break-ins that took place at the place can be seen.

As reported here in Behadrei Haredim, at an event held last night at the nation’s buildings in Jerusalem, artist Mordechai Shapira appeared before an audience of yeshiva students and seminary girls, an event that crossed all rules of modesty and holiness and caused a great stir when many rabbis and educators protested the scandalous conduct.

  • Can I stop the gossip please?
    Other than real free hate it adds nothing to me
    Stop it
    There are more interesting things than getting dirty on others

    • Lithuanian

      And you were saved from anything bad

    • Elijah

      Ixssssss !!! !!!!! (!!!!!) [!!!!!!!!!!!!] !

    • Tibi

  • An equally serious danger in mixed dances

    Therefore, the singer is asked to give the parents a refund for the purchase of tickets for the show

  • When the style of the songs is gentile, what to expect …

  • Jewish

    That no pure yeshiva member will attend his events

  • Stiff

  • Take for example the event he attended with Yishai Ribo and sang with him in a duet “Nefshi”. You can see a mixture of men and women there and you can hear well and you can also see how the duo encourages the audience involved to join in the singing.

    So apparently the Tzaddik does not exactly listen to the voice of the great men of Israel and does not exactly act according to Halacha …

  • certain

    The singer apologizes ??? !! Is this the dance? Definately not. How does an ultra-Orthodox singer appear in a mixed event ??? Is this committed to the great men of Israel and to Halacha ?!

  • Samuel

    Had to stop the show right away !!!!!

  • It’s time to teach the girls Torah as well, from a young age (laws that are obligatory in them) and not to say that they are exempt so you should not invest in it … Torah with virtues!
    Even if it does not appear in the Shulchan Aruch, for that there is Rambam …

  • Oh

    Sack and ashes will be offered to many

  • June

    Those who do not want him not to come.

  • Rebecca

    The seminars do not know how to educate … something has been wrong recently in the seminars .. the main thing is that academia is forbidden and a lot is rotten on the inside …

  • Hagit

    From an ultra-Orthodox female perspective
    I am not willing or willing to stop the bullying for women.
    We are human beings and we want to go to shows .. Yishai Ribo Mordechai shot etc ..
    Hmmm .. burglary is also something that is out of the question, so in a Mordechai Shapira-type show there should be a separation, but Israeli singers Naftali Kampa Yishai Ribu do not need a separation because they do not dance there.

  • To anyone who said that there is everything in separation I just want to mention.
    All the performances of Yaakov Shwekey are all involved !!!!!
    Families Families.
    And also the show he once had in Caesarea.
    So why is Mordechai Shapiro being lynched ???

  • Moshe

  • Oh really what the hacks are. Where boys and girls are not allowed to sit together.
    Avraham Fried appears and others make a fuss of everything

  • Joseph

  • my son

    A show that the Americans there went on a shocking rampage !! I sat in my opinion the only Israeli there. I go to shows a lot and there is no doubt that I suffered there from both the screams (the Americans screamed even more than the American women) and from a terrible sound !!! And both from the fact that every rhythmic song straight all the outsiders came to the front of the stage and started raving.
    There is no doubt that NIS 700 went to waste

  • comfort

    What insolence

  • Shusi

    Why is the only Zion Golan also a mixed dancer even though he promised not to do so with the Rishon LeZion Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak shouts about the whole issue

  • Uncle

    And he also has no wigs, just a nasty wild chop ….

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