The Ascended Mother Mary is calling us to self

Whenever we say Hail Mary, most beautiful and well-accustomed, we greet Mary like Elizabeth – Pope Francis

Mary Teresa: The Vatican

Pope Francis said in his homily three times on August 15 that he invites us to follow the devotion, faith and revolutionary example of the Virgin Mary.

On August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Pope addressed thousands of pilgrims gathered in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s compound at noon today, saying that our Mother Mary holds our hands, accompanies us, and invites us to be with us.

Focusing on the Gospel text (Luke 1,39-56), which tells about the conversation between Mother Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, the Pope addressed the three times prayer, and asked pilgrims to realize the important role of Mary and her presence in all moments of life.

Pope Francis, who specifically asked us to reflect on the presence of God in our lives and on allowing him to possess us, can I discern God’s work of great works through mercy and humility? He told everyone to ask themselves that.

In this festival, Mary sings the song of hope, and rekindles faith in us, the Pope said. Mother Mary, the first creation who entered heaven with body and soul triumphantly, shows us that heaven is within our reach if we do not succumb to sin.

Hail the blessed Mary

When Mary reached Elizabeth’s house and greeted her, Elizabeth said to Mary, “Blessed are you among women; Blessed is the child growing in your womb! The Pope noted that words of hope, joy and wonder have become part of the Hail Mary prayer.

Whenever we pray this most beautiful and well-known prayer, we, like Elizabeth, greet Mary, calling her blessed because she gave birth to Jesus for us, said Pope Francis.

Pope Francis said that Mary, Elizabeth’s patroness, and her song, “My soul praises the Lord and makes me proud,” conveys that God has created a new canon in the affairs of the world through Mary, lifting up the small and the lowly.


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