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The photo of the photographer Inbal Kristin from Ashkelon appears in an international exhibition on the topic of peace that is shown in Turkey and arouses great interest: “The most exciting thing is to represent the country and see the flag flying”

The picture of the Ashkelon artist, Inbal Kristin, currently stars in an international exhibition on the subject of peace that is being shown in Turkey and bears the name: for a better world – no war. Her picture arouses great interest among the audience attending the exhibition, among other things, because of the fragile relations between Israel and Turkey throughout the last decade.

Kristin is a multidisciplinary artist, with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and humanities at the Open University and a diploma in media design at the Academy in Ashkelon.

She usually combines different mediums: photography, painting and digital editing, but most of her works are digital art. Inbal has won several competitions and awards: (Caravaggio Award in Milan, Prague City Award, International Award in Barcelona, ​​International Award in Paris, International Leonardo Da Vinci Award Florence, YICCA 2021, Arte Divina Turin Award, Michelangelo David International Award Florence) . She participated in several exhibitions, biennales and international festivals around the world: Hungary, Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland, Israel, Hong Kong, Turkey, Czech Republic, Philippines, Nepal, Scotland and especially in Italy: Milan, Rome, Genoa, Venice, Turin, Palermo, Florence, Siena, Bologna, Gatinera and Varello. Her works have been published in several international magazines and books.

The invitation to the exhibition with the Israeli flag on it|Private photo

She told Ashkelonim: “This month I am participating in several exhibitions simultaneously around the world, in October I receive an award in Paris, in November in Barcelona, ​​in December in the Czech Republic, this month I won for my photos in Paris. But the most exciting thing is to represent the country and see the flag flying.”

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