The association’s annual conference 2023-annual conference

The association’s annual conference 2023-annual conference

You are invited to an experiential conference with an exciting meeting of friends, three fascinating lectures and spectacular planetarium displays.

The conference will be held in Netanya Planetarium – 1 Sugihara St Netanya Free parking on site.

The number of places is limited – hurry to register and secure your place.


The abstracts of the lectures and the planetarium shows appear below.

Users reading the page from a mobile phone – it is recommended to read horizontally.

central hall Garden and lobby Planetarium
08:15 Gathering and refreshments
08:30 Sunstruck (English)
09:15 Opening Remarks: Director of the Planetarium Ms. Shelly Greenberg Harpaz, Chairman of the Israel Astronomical Society Nadav Rotenberg
09:30 Why are we here? / Prof. Hagai Peretz
10:15 The mysterious sundial of Ai Khanum / Mr. Ilan Manolis
11:00 PauseRefreshments Solar observation using a special telescope, a tour of the scientific garden, a meteorite exhibition
11:15 Phantom of the Universe (Hebrew)
11:45 Come see a meteor: news of the Meteor Division in the Association
12:00 Future research missions in the solar system / Mr. Tal Inbar
12:45 A general meeting of the association’s members and elections for the association’s institutions Another tour of the science garden Big Astronomy (English)
13:15 Phantom of the Universe (Hebrew)


Why are we here? (9:30)

Lecturer: Prof. Hagi Peretz, Technion

Why are we here? How did the solar system and other planets form, and how does this relate to epidemics?

The Mysterious Sundial of Ai Hanum (10:15)

Lecturer: Mr. Ilan Manolis, Weizmann Institute of Science

An extraordinary archaeological discovery has opened a window into the world of sundial makers during the time of the ancient Greeks. But at that time a mystery was created that no one had a way to deal with. In the lecture we will review the development of sundials, we will learn about how they work and what their limitations are and we will try to understand what was the purpose of the production of the Hanum Islands sundial.

Future research missions in the solar system (12:00)

Lecturer: Mr. Tal Inbar

The lecture will present a number of research programs of the space agencies NASA, Europe and others, planned for the coming years. Among the targets of the research missions: the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Titan and more. In addition, the upcoming launches that will be conducted this year will be reviewed, in which research missions to an asteroid and the spacecraft to Jupiter and its moons will be launched – Juice.


Sunstruck (English, 8:30):

Discover the wonders of our sun. Its incredible energy has supported life on earth for millennia, but is now threatening our technology and way of life. Travel to the distant future to discover our suns connection to the universe’s cosmic cycle of life and death.

Phantom of the Universe (Hebrew, 11:15, 13:15):

A fascinating journey following “dark matter” How do we know it exists? How and where can it be found? What does it mean for our daily lives, and does it also exist here on earth?

Big Astronomy (English, 12:45):

Join us as we journey to three of the world class observatories in Chile, and learn about the way they work, about the inspiring cast of astronomers, engineers, technician and other members of staff as they take us on an inspiring tour of the observatories and their discoveries.


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