The authorities are discussing an increase in insurance premiums for salaries over 1.5 million rubles. in year

The Ministry of Finance proposes to change the calculation of insurance premiums for salaries over 1.46 million rubles. per year, Forbes and Izvestia reported. Also, the authorities are considering the option of increasing property tax with an aggregate value of more than 500 million rubles. These measures were proposed as part of the adjustment of the tax system to increase budget contributions by 400 billion rubles. annually.

Forbes got acquainted with the set of proposals of the Ministry of Finance, which the department presented to the budget commission on July 1. Its authenticity was confirmed by the source of the publication. Izvestia’s sources also reported on the Finance Ministry’s proposals on insurance premiums.

Now the employer pays 22% of the employee’s salary to the Pension Fund of Russia if his salary is below 1.46 million rubles. per year (about 122 thousand rubles per month). If this amount is exceeded, the rate is reduced to 10%. According to media reports, the authorities want to raise the salary threshold to reduce the rate of insurance premiums. This measure can bring 16 billion rubles. in 2022, and by 2024 – 45 billion rubles.

In Russia, the property tax rate is 0.1% for apartments, houses, garages and outbuildings. An increased rate of 2% applies to objects with a cadastral value of over RUB 300 million. A rate of 0.5% applies to non-residential premises. The Ministry of Finance proposes to introduce another rate – 0.3% – for property with a total value of over 500 million rubles. This measure could bring 50 billion rubles. annually.

What else does the Ministry of Finance offer:

  • an increase in the excise tax on alcohol from 2022 by 10% compared to the current rates, the introduction of an excise tax on sugar-sweetened drinks (+100 billion rubles);
  • lowering the threshold for duty-free shopping from € 200 to € 100 (+20 billion rubles);
  • doubling the payment for the use of the radio frequency spectrum (+22 billion rubles).

There are nine measures in the list of proposals. Earlier, Vedomosti reported that among them – an increase in the tax on the extraction of minerals for metallurgists (+100 billion rubles) and an adjustment to the tax regime on additional income for the oil industry (+90 billion rubles).

About the plans of the Ministry of Finance – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Taxes are coming closer to the adjustment.”



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