The authorities propose to expand the preferential mortgage at 7% for private houses

The presidential administration is thinking about expanding preferential mortgages at 7% for the construction of private houses. The recommendation to consider such an opportunity was given to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Construction and Dom.RF following a meeting with Presidential Aide Maxim Oreshkin on July 15, the deadline for its implementation is until September 1, 2021. The first copy of the minutes of the meeting was published by the telegram channel “Maisky Ukaz”, the authenticity of the document to “Vedomosti “Confirmed a federal official. According to him, the idea is to expand the program not to the entire private sector, but only to those houses that are being built according to regular development plans, for example, as part of the integrated development of territories.

The representative of Dom.RF forwarded to the Ministry of Finance. The representative of the Ministry of Finance said that the issue is being worked out with the responsible departments. The Ministry of Construction and the Presidential Administration did not respond to the request. The Bank of Russia has not yet received information about such an initiative, but it supports the creation and development of credit products for individual residential construction (IZHS), says a representative of the regulator.



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