The bad weather is moving south. In Rome, traffic on tilt – The cyclonic vortex that is driving the intense perturbation taking place in many Italian regions, from the Center begins to move towards the South, followed by intense winds. The team of the site warns that from Tuesday heavy rains and thunderstorms from the central regions (still expected bad weather spread over Lazio and Rome) will move towards part of the southern ones (heavy rains especially in Campania, from weak and moderate in Basilicata and Puglia ).

Snow will fall on the Apennines even below 1,000 meters on the Marche, Abruzzo and Molise slopes.

On Wednesday, the bad weather will quickly recede with the rains that will concentrate mainly on Salento and on the Tyrrhenian coasts of Calabria and Sicily, the sun will return to the Center.

The shift towards the south of the perturbation will be accompanied by the gradual arrival of mistral winds that can blow with gusts up to 70-80 km / h on all central-southern basins on Wednesday.

From Thursday we will have a new change of circulation, with the winds that will rotate from the southern quadrants. The weather will recover in almost all regions and temperatures will begin to rise, even significantly.

In Rome over 50 flood interventions

Meanwhile, there are over 50 interventions by the patrols of the local police of Rome Capital due to the wave of bad weather that hit the capital. For the floods, closures and traffic diversions were necessary in via Laurentina, via Aurelia, via Cristoforo Colombo, via di Mezzocamino, Circonvallazione Tiburtina and via della Maglianella. THE

n some cases the agents had to intervene for securing areas due to falling trees or branches in via Pio Spezi, Corso Trieste and Via della Giustiniana. Monitoring activity by the patrols continues to verify the main critical issues in view of the adverse weather conditions expected during the day.



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