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Law enforcement officers detained in Belarus Andrei Skripkin, who was heading for Europe, suspected of killing the former top manager of Smolensk Bank OJSC Mikhail Yakhontov and members of his family. It turned out to be a business partner of the banker. According to preliminary data, the criminal killed Mr. Yakhontov because of the conflict that arose between them, and eliminated the financier’s wife and son as witnesses.

The fact of detention “hot on the trail” of the alleged killer of the former deputy manager of the Moscow branch of the Smolensk Bank Mikhail Yakhontov, his wife Antonina Nosareva and their son Gleb “Kommersant” was confirmed by sources in law enforcement agencies. Recall that the bodies of those killed on Tuesday morning were found by a housekeeper who came to the financier’s apartment in the Vorobyovy Gory residential complex on Mosfilmovskaya Street. The banker himself was lying in the corridor, his family members were in the rooms. According to preliminary data, the cause of death of Mr. Yakhontov was a knife wound in the throat, and his household was strangled, and the boy had a broken neck.

Criminal investigation officers were able to calculate the alleged killer very quickly. They were helped by recordings from numerous video cameras installed in and around the residential complex. The suspect turned out to be a former business partner of the banker Andrei Skripkin.

According to the investigation, he and Mr. Yakhontov had a conflict, and the suspect came to the financier’s home with the intention of murder.

It seems that the criminal did not expect that the wife and son of Mikhail Yakhontov would be at home. He killed them as witnesses. After the massacre, he immediately left Moscow. He was put on the operational wanted list and detained in Belarus on his way to Europe. Today, a measure of restraint in the form of arrest will be chosen in absentia, and when he is brought back to Moscow, the investigation will be able to accurately establish the motives for the murder of the financier.

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It is possible that the roots of the conflict with a former business partner lie in the history of the collapse of the Smolensk Bank. Recall that in 2019, Mikhail Yakhontov and two of his former colleagues received sentences in the case of embezzlement of bank funds and the deliberate bankruptcy of a credit institution. The defendants in the case must pay a multi-billion dollar amount in the claim of the DIA.

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