The Barakaldo returns the illusion to its municipality

The Barakaldo returns the illusion to its municipality

Barakaldo and its people went back hand in hand. The soccer team was impregnated among the population of his municipality. Anxious to celebrate and give themselves joy again after a period of numerous storms, the historic promotion achieved by their team was the ideal reason to bring out the flags and kits of the factory complex. The Biscayan town was dyed in gualdinegro. Hundreds of people took to the streets en masse from midday, there was never a moment or corner of the center in which representative colors of the club were not seen.

After going through a desert of disappointments and bad news, the Baracalda fans are more than aware that this type of joy must be celebrated as it deserves. This Saturday was the perfect occasion for it, with various initiatives that set the city in the mood throughout the day. From early in the morning, the first Barakaldo shirts could be seen on the street, which crowded into Calle Zaballa and at the top of Juan de Garay. There around 200 people performed the pintxo pot orchestrated by a brass band that gave a lot of musicality and atmosphere.

Around quarter past three in the afternoon, the fans made a corridor on both sides of the road where the bus with the members of the first team passed. It was at that moment that a fervor began that did not subside for the rest of the day. The fans cheered and pushed the players, also as a token of appreciation for the milestone achieved. Once the bus headed towards Lasesarre, the vast majority of those who were there performed a ‘kalejira’ behind it. The brass band carried the baton, putting rhythm to the typical songs to encourage the team.

Barakaldo CF

field; Ariztimuño (Pedernales, min. 58), Obeso (Aymane, min. 76), Aimar, Altair; Montes, Molina, Castrillejo (Huidobro, min. 70), Arieta (Urkiza, min. 58); Xoperena and Cortezón (Orozko, min. 58).



CD Padura

Fano; Etxebarria (Andoni, min. 70), Del Cura, Egileor, Urtzi; Txaber (Andikana, min. 86), Landeta (Martín, min. 76), Basaras (Ibai, min. 86), Abella; Ander Gonzalo (Gómez, min. 45) and Trincado.

  • GOALS 1-0; Molina (min. 25). 1-1; Txaber (min. 31). 2-1; Castrillejo (min. 46) REFEREE Morante Sainz admonished the locals Orozko (min. 63) and the visitors Basaras (min. 54), Martín (min. 81) INCIDENTS 2,900 spectators in Lasesarre.
    1-0; Molina (min. 25). 1-1; Chaber (min. 31). 2-1; Castrillejo (min. 46)

Meanwhile, the rest of the fans accompanied with their voices, scarves, flags and even banners and flares throughout the tour. In the hour before the clash against Padura, the fans continued the party in the outskirts of Lasesarre. Then he moved inside. With the ‘champions’ sounding from the public address system and the stands, the first team jumped to the green with a corridor made up of lower category players and Padura himself. Nearly 3,000 filled the stadium with colour. The banner in the southern background perfectly defined the situation of the club and the optimism of the fans with the new project: “Errautsetatik berpiztuz eta Aurrera doa” -Rising from the ashes and going forward-.

The team’s victory raised spirits even more. Although the culmination in Lasesarre was reached with the delivery of the champions’ trophy with the sound of ‘We are the champions’. Captain Altair Reyes raising the cup is already an indelible image in the retina of all those present. Immediately, the youngest jumped onto the pitch to be photographed with the footballers, who have already become absolute idols for what they have achieved. The festive day concluded with a reception at the Town Hall. The Herriko Plaza was packed with hundreds of people brimming with emotion. There were even fireworks.

The final point to all these acts was put in the Kiosk of the Herriko Plaza. Players, coaching staff and management got on there. They made the captain take the microphone to give the first words. Then the master of ceremonies introduced everyone one by one. The most acclaimed was the only Baracaldés member of the squad: Endika Buján. They also made him speak, in addition to other footballers, members of the technical staff and sports director, many of them acclaimed by the public. The most repeated message is that they expect this promotion to be “the first of many.”


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