The barriers have collapsed: riot at the performance of the metal band Arch Enemy in Tel Aviv

The barriers collapsed, the show was stopped for 45 minutes: A riot was recorded this evening (Tuesday) at the performance of the metal band Arch Enemy at the Bassey Side club in Tel Aviv.

According to reports from those present at the venue, the band, which came to perform in Israel despite the security situation and the military operation that ended only at the beginning of the week, refused to continue the performance after the fences near the stage collapsed and a riot broke out.

Arch Enemy in concert, before the collapse (photo: Eitan Holman)

No injuries were reported, but the performance was stopped for a period of about 45 minutes, according to those present, and only then resumed.

Eitan Holman, one of those present at the venue, said: “After 2 songs, they started pushing, and within a few minutes the fence collapsed. Me and another person who was next to me fell with the fence on top of a camera. There were several attempts to fix the fence during the performance, but it just didn’t work. Only now The band returned to perform.”


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