The Basque Country registers its historical maximum of foreigners affiliated with Social Security

The number of foreign workers in the Basque Country reached a new all-time high in July, registering in that month an average affiliation of 80,905 foreign contributors to Social Security (44,404 men and 36,501 women), according to data released by the ministry led by José Luis Escrivá . A figure that has not stopped growing in recent months and is even doing so at a much more intense rate than that of native workers.

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Thus, in the last year foreigners have added 7,247 people to the lists of Social Security affiliates in the Basque Country, which represents more than 42% of the increase of 17,090 new contributors registered in the Basque Country since July 2021. This means that nearly one in two comes from outside Spain.

In addition, while last month the number of Basque affiliates already fell by 5,159, that of foreigners still increased by another 389. For this reason, their weight over the total of the 982,021 employed workers in the autonomous community in July already exceeded 8%. Specifically, it stood at 8.24%.

However, the volume of this group in the Euskadi labor market is lower than in the whole of Spain, where it already reaches 12%. Of the almost 20,341,000 contributors registered in July throughout the country, 2,451,500 were foreigners. And this despite the fact that last month they were reduced by 11,398, which moved them away from their historical maximum in Spain, which they had reached in June with 2,462,890 foreign affiliates.


  1. 1

    Romania 9.953

  2. 2

    Morocco 7.616

  3. 3

    Nicaragua 5.901

  4. 4

    Colombia 5.839

  5. 5

    Portugal 4.020


Of the total number of immigrants contributing to Social Security in the Basque Country in July, 20,584 came from EU States, with Romanians in the lead, close to 10,000 -they are also the most numerous in Spain as a whole with 339,000-, the Portuguese with just over 4,000, the Italians (2,232) and the French (1,445). For their part, among the 60,320 from countries outside the European bloc, Moroccans predominated with just over 7,600 -the second most numerous in all of Spain with 285,000-, Nicaraguans with 5,900, Colombians (5,059), Venezuelans (3,875 ), the Paraguayans (3,127) and the Chinese (3,060).


  1. 1

    Home employees 11.869

  2. 2

    Hostelry 11.649

  3. 3

    Trade 7.583

  4. 4

    Industry 7.088

  5. 5

    Building 5.951

By activities, the largest group of foreign workers in the Basque Country is that of those engaged in domestic service, with nearly 11,900 people, the vast majority of whom are women. This is followed by occupations in the hospitality industry (11,649) and in the vehicle trade and repair segment (7,583), followed by those working in administrative activities and auxiliary services (6,503), construction (5,951) and health activities (4,246). Almost 13,560 foreign affiliates are listed as self-employed.

Gipuzkoa leads the incorporation of foreign contributors in the last 12 months with an increase of 11.7%, reaching a total of 28,699. Bizkaia registered an increase of 9.3% and totaled 38,364 in July, while in Álava their number had grown by 7.6% to 13,841.


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