The beloved community rabbi passed away from Corona, at the age of 68

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The late Rabbi Shimon Reichik, a Chabad emissary for many years and rabbi of the Chabad community in one of the Los Angeles neighborhoods in California, passed away today (Wednesday) after contracting the corona virus, and he is only 68 years old.

The late Rabbi Reichik was born to his parents, Rabbi Menachem Shmuel David and his wife Leah, who were sent by the Chabad Rebbe to California, and later by his son-in-law, the Lubavitcher Rebbe. His circumcision and that of his twin Rabbi Yosef Was rejected because preterm infants were born. His father, meanwhile, asked the Rebbe what to call them. The Rebbe responded that from above give parents an idea of ​​what name to call their children, and therefore he should call on names he decides on with his wife. The twins were named, as mentioned, Shimon after the father’s father, and Yosef Yitzchak after the Rebbe.

In 1959, Rabbi Reichik studied at the Chabad Yeshiva in Montreal, and from there he left on a mission from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to Melbourne, Australia. To assist his father.

For almost two decades, Nablus worked in Nablus with his father. He later taught at the Or Elchanan Chabad yeshiva in Los Angeles, and later, as the community grew, he became the rabbi of the Levi Yitzhak synagogue in one of the city’s neighborhoods, together with the businessman Rabbi Berl Weiss.

He is survived by his wife, Hannah Liba Tavdal, and his children – Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Florida, Mrs. Sima of Los Angeles, Rabbi Israel Noah of Crown Heights, Mrs. Stern Sarah of Los Angeles, Rabbi Moshe of Brooklyn, Mrs. Chaya Moshka of Toronto, Rabbi Abraham father from Los Angeles, and grandchildren.

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Of blessed memory.

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