The Best Body Fat Percentage for Six-Pack Abs: Tips for Men and Women

The Best Body Fat Percentage for Six-Pack Abs: Tips for Men and Women

2023-06-10 10:00:00

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Body fat is something completely normal and has an important function for our body. It insulates and protects us from the cold, but at the same time it also serves our body as an energy store when we don’t have enough calories. That modern humans are now consuming far too many calories from highly processed foods and overstocking their fat stores is a different story altogether.

  • There are different normal ranges for body fat percentage for men and women. For anatomical and biological reasons, women have much more body fat than men. While at normal weight Men have a body fat percentage between 20 and 24 percent than normal valid, they are in women of normal weight 30 and 35 percent.

These normal love handles are distributed all over the body – but differently in men and women. While women tend to store body fat on their hips, buttocks and legs, men tend to store fat on their stomachs.

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Normal-weight people with an average body fat percentage will be able to do as much sport, sit-ups, crunches and abdominal training as you like visible six-pack will never show with them. In order to be able to see this in full definition, the body fat percentage must be reduced.

Abdominal muscles only become visible from these percentages of body fat

You know why you can see every single muscle fiber under the skin on male and female bodybuilders? Your body fat percentage is unhealthily low, in the low single digits. This is not recommended from a health point of view and cannot be endured for long. But like the fitness pros, you don’t have to starve yourself to see your six pack abs.

  • At Women are the abs in body fat percentages between 18 and 22 percent visible.
  • At men you can get a defined washboard abs between 10 and 14 percent see body fat percentage.

If you want to know how much body fat you currently have, you can talk to your family doctor. You can also use it in fitness studios body fat scales get an approximate impression of how your fat balance is.

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