the best brawlers for the June Championship Challenge

the best brawlers for the June Championship Challenge

2023-06-01 10:00:08

The choice of brawlers and compositions for the next June Championship Challenge in Brawl Stars it’s easier than ever thanks to the stability of the meta, a safe environment for picks like Shelly in most game modes heading into the party between Friday the 2nd and Sunday the 4th of June with 15 wins to go to glory .

The review of the tier list in the current meta of Brawl Stars switch between maps, game modes and combat style for the June Championship Challenge, a monthly alternative with an unbeatable prize list in what is undoubtedly the most important challenge of the Supercell title.

Picks for the June Championship Challenge

Star Hunt – Layer Cake

The first map has Penny and Tick as mandatory choices for the facilities to attack over the walls either with the super of the pirate or in general with the thrower. Tick ​​is the perfect counter for many brawlers, although if you want to risk something more Leon is a good option.

    • Shelly, Penny y Tick
    • Shelly, Penny y Leon
    • Max, Genius and Janet

Atrapagemas – Crystal Arcade

The duo of Meg and Shelly in the current meta marries perfectly with this gem catcher map as the strongest possible team, perfect control of the central zone with a lot of power, sustain and distance. Shelly is very, very broken.

    • Emz, Meg and Shelly
    • Spike, Max y Janet
    • Ash, Genie and Ruffs

Balloon Brawl:– Pinhole Punt:

With Shelly as a must in any of the side lines, the central complement and the offensive character is essential in this Brawl Ball map. Nita’s bear can do a lot of damage along with Bea’s paralysisand you can even risk playing Poco with two characters with a lot of life.

    • Shelly, Bea y Nita
    • Shelly, Meg y Sandy
    • Ash, Poco y Shelly

Noqueo – Out in the open:

The risks in the Knockout maps lead us to very safe picks like Eve thanks to the spawn, Genius for his ability to win games with the super and Meg for the sustainAlthough there are many more variants. In this case, the compositions open up a lot until we see less common sniper brawlers like Nani and Brock.

    • Eve, Genie and Meg
    • Penny, R-T y Brock
    • Nani, Max y Tick

Heist – Hot Potato:

Heist matches change the rules to allow the spawn of atypical brawlers like Bull, Dynamike, Darryl or Jessie despite being outside the meta, and that’s one of the highest values ​​between modes within Brawl Stars. Buzz, Bull and Spike can be decisive at key moments, but you have to be very patient with them.

    • Nita, Emz and Dynamike
    • Spike, Jessie y Bull
    • Darryl, Colette y Buzz

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