The best headphones you can buy for your iPhone?

Apple doesn’t invent anything, but it democratizes technologies like no other brand. This has become clear over the last few years with smartphones, tablets, smart watches and headphones, of which the company is already marketing up to three different families. Just a few weeks ago, the firm presented its latest great exponent within this segment: the Second generation AirPods Proa revision with a lot of sense that improves in all sections the headphones that directly preceded it and that already add up to almost three years.

Leaving aside the (very) expensive headband-type AirPods Max, which starts at 629 euros, the Pro family is Apple’s most interesting and complete line within the field of headphones.

Specifically, the recent review is enhanced by the new chip H2, which offers better sound than its predecessor and significantly improves active noise cancellation technology, which allows external sound to be almost completely isolated. It also has spatial audio, thanks to which the user, when listening to music, has a feeling similar to being at a concert, and greater autonomy.

Whichever way you look at it, the brand new AirPods Pro improve what the rest of the company’s headphones of this type offered. Nevertheless, considering its price, which is 300 eurosAre they the best option available to the user who wants to acquire a new Apple ‘gadget’ of this type?

Active noise cancellation, its great strength

Without a doubt, active noise cancellation is one of the main strengths of this device. As we said, this technology allows the user to have a much more immersive listening experience, since noise from outside is almost completely blocked. For example, thanks to it we can walk down the street listening to music and not notice the cars that pass us by. And this is as it is. The technology is very good, but if we are too clueless it can cost us a dislike, and this must be taken into account before using it. Apple promises that the cancellation is twice as effective as in the previous model.

R. A.

The active noise cancellation of the new AirPods Pro, indeed, meets almost perfectly. The headset blocks out a lot of outside noise even when the user is not listening to anything and is simply wearing the headphones with this option enabled. The performance is almost on a par with what’s offered by the more ambitious headband headphones, where we’ve always found the isolation to be better.

The possibility of making the noise from the outside disappear practically completely, whether you are walking down the street, you are in the gym or you are on the subway, added to the Apple Custom Spatial Audio, which allows the sound to change direction and be heard differently in each earphone, makes for a really good wearing experience. It was already in the case of the normal third generation AirPods, launched last year.

Regarding the sound, as we have said, there is no complaint. The headphones sound really good thanks to the new H2 chip, amplifier and transducer. There is no complaint. The sound is clear regardless of volume and nuances are well appreciated.

Very comfortable

Regarding the design, few changes. The device, in the ear, is more comfortable than the third generation AirPods; It is also more difficult for them to fall to the ground thanks to the silicone pads they incorporate.

The charging case adds a very interesting speaker, which allows, among other things, for the device to emit a noise in case the user is looking for them with the iPhone Search app. Something that makes a lot of sense and that the most clueless will appreciate.

This case also incorporates a slot to hang the device from a suitcase or backpack. Regarding charging, the device has a USB-C input, although it is also compatible with Apple’s Magsafe and with the chargers of the Apple Watch most recent.

The headphones are capable of constant operation, with active noise cancellation, for about 6 hours. The charging case also offers an extra autonomy of up to 30 hours.

easy control

The headphones incorporate in their stems, the pins in which they end, a section for control by pressing the playback of content and raise and lower the volume. For example, one touch stops recording; with two you change the song and with three you play the previous one again.

The device is compatible with Siri, Apple’s assistant, so the user only has to ask her to call a contact or perform a search on the device in turn to get it. It is also possible to switch between noise cancellation, normal mode and ambient sound – designed to make you aware of what is happening around you – by giving three presses, or by going to ‘Settings’ on iPhone.

Should I buy these or go for others?

The new generation Airpods Pro are up to the demands of the user. However, the user has cheaper options on the market with which he can be satisfied.

To begin with, the Regular 3rd generation AirPods They offer a sound that is still very good and they stay at 209 euros with the official price. They do not have active noise cancellation, however, if we had to buy Apple headphones today, based on the price and what they offer -and because we are not the biggest fans of active noise cancellation either, as mentioned above – surely we would go for these.

Beyond the Apple world, at ABC we have often recommended Nothing Ears (1) by Nothing; very competent headphones -in this case also with noise cancellation- of which we have never heard a complaint. Settled in the mid-range, with good sound and autonomy, they can easily be found below 100 euros.


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