The best preserved mummy in the world and its secret

The best preserved mummy in the world and its secret

2023-05-30 23:03:11

Human history is full of enigmas, even today we still find elements that make us feel amazement, surprise and curiosity, that’s why we tell you the story of The best preserved mummy in the world and its secret.

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What do you mean mummies?

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Languagea mummy is called a corpse that naturally or thanks to an artificial preparation dries up over time without being putrefactive.

And contrary to what many people believe, a mummy does not necessarily belong to a human, since animal corpses that, due to natural or artificial reasons, have not decomposed, can also be called that.

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Why were the dead mummified?

He Center for Near Eastern Studies of the University of Murcia notes that mummification is attributed primarily to Ancient Egypt during the early dynasties.

At first, only high-ranking members of society were embalmed, until it became popular among all social classes during the Greco-Roman Empire.

The reason why they did it was because they believed that this would ensure them an eternal life, for this reason they provided them with a coffin that was a kind of refuge and they were showered with jewels for their journey in the new life.

As mummification became more popular in society, the techniques changed, but none of these mummies can compare with The best preserved mummy in the world and its secret.

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What is the best preserved mummy in the world?

Found in China and named Xin Zhui, she was a noblewoman who lived during the Eastern Han Dynasty era.

It is presumed that she lived in the year II BC and that she was the wife of the Marquis of Dai, which is why she has also been baptized as “Lady Dai”.

The mummified body of this woman was discovered in 1971 in the city of Changsha, but what astonished the explorers was the perfect state of preservation it presented, because after exhuming it, they discovered that its skin retained some moisture and elasticity.

In addition, the researchers were amazed to see that their joints were still working, as well as retaining their eyelashes and nose hair. This undoubtedly made them wonder, how could it have been preserved in that state for more than 2,000 years?

It is speculated that its great state of conservation is due to the care with which it was embalmed using salts and other chemical products, in addition to having applied large amounts of mercury for its preservation.

Investigators stated that Lady Dai’s body was in a tomb with four chambers and a corridor, and that it was also sealed with a slab weighing more than 30 tons.

It is speculated that the success of its preservation is due in part to the conditions of the tomb, which was isolated from moisture and microorganisms, and in part to the mixture used to embalm it.

Lady Dai was a noblewoman renowned for her cunning, beauty, and intelligence and was famous for her skills in embroidery, music, poetry, and calligraphy. Many of the details of her life are known from a notebook where Lady Dai herself wrote down her thoughts and experiences.

If you want to learn more about mummies, we leave you this video about national mummies.

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