The best restaurant owner in the world; French chef wins award

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French chef Daniel Boulod has won the award for the best restaurant owner in the world. The Les Grandes Table du Monde, an organization of 184 best restaurants, selected Daniel as the best restaurant. Daniel has been living in New York for about 40 years. The name of his restaurant is Daniel.

The 66 – year – old Daniel’s recipe is very different. Daniel is an expert at making French dishes using American ingredients. In addition to New York, he has restaurants in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Singapore and the Bahamas. Daniel has been famous in the restaurant industry for over three decades. He is a Frenchman who immigrated to New York in 1982. The variety of flavors prepared by adding American products to the flavors of the homeland was a huge success.

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Daniel told AFP that his dedication to the region, the support of his colleagues and a group of good friends were all behind his achievements so far. “I am just happy to be free.

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