The best series of the week: Dahmer, a horrible trip that is worth it


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It would be necessary to clarify the perception that we are having lately of Netflixa widespread assumption (driven by people like me, mea culpa) that the catalog of that platform is a sindis made of series that do not contribute anything more than frustration, colors and emptiness. With the noise plus (another common place) that follows from having been promoted to the beast. The reality of Netflix is ​​not exactly that.

In your offer, filled with filler lint, there are also very interesting productions. Keep having them.

Dahmer is one of those productions. The last fruit of the very expensive contract that the Reed Hastings platform signed with Ryan Murphy It has been released without promotion. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that Hastings is already aware that Murphy will never be associated only with Netflix and does not want to make him the fat broth. Or perhaps they have seen the series on the platform and have not known how to sell it. I won’t know either.

Because in a catalog full of fast food, Dahmer know the delicatessen of those that have to explain to you so that you value them. You know: eels, caviar, Chinese macerated eggs, fugu… or human meat.

About Jeffrey Dahmerbetter known as “the milwaukee butcher“Much has been written. Like the great psychopaths of history (read this with the intonation of an advertisement for collectible pamphlets), this cannibalistic killer He did a lot of his part to be talked about. He admitted both his crimes and the delusional fantasies that led him to commit them. Film, television, and literature soon placed him on the same (and questionable) altar that unites real monsters like Charles Manson with fictional villains like Hannibal Lecter. He is precisely one of the characters in Lecter’s novels, written by Thomas Harris, one of the greatest influences on Dahmer. Audiovisual versions of Francis Dolarhyde (the red dragon), a being as photogenic as he is creepy, permeate many of the images in the series. But so do a few almost cursed films in which the sordidness of certain homosexual environments is treated in an exemplary manner: a miserable and free underworld, autonomous and outlawed, perverse and necessary.

That’s where Jeffrey Dahmer circulates in the 80s, that’s where he gets his victims. Ryan Murphy, in collaboration with Ian Brennan, enters the universe without complexes of him. He has time: Dahmer is made up of ten long episodes consciously desperate pace. Ten chapters as unpleasant as they are stimulating. A Dexter who doesn’t want to like us, a Mindhunter told from the other side. With a huge Evan Peters in front, Dahmer It is that series that should not be on Netflix and that is precisely why it is necessary to celebrate that it is on Netflix. seeing her is one experience and a surprise. And a question: Finish the inevitable adaptation of the city of the living and Netflix?

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