“The best thing that happened to me was that I stayed at Maccabi Haifa”

Maccabi Haifa will meet Juventus tomorrow (Wednesday), as part of the third round of the Champions League. The Greens flew to Turin and will observe the Yom Kippur fast there, while in front of him, the team’s coach, Barak Bakr and midfielder Muhammad Abu Fani, spoke at the team’s press conference and referred to the fast, the players and the opponent.

“This summer was not easy at all for me,” Abu Fani said, “I was expecting to go to Europe and in the end I didn’t make it and I stayed in Haifa, which is one of the best things that happened to me. I was a bog of uncertainty and it affected me as a player. The window closed, I’m at Maccabi Haifa every All of me, for me, for the club and the audience. Finally, that I’m focused on one thing, I express myself better. I’m happy about that.”

Abu Fani went on to explain how it feels to play while fasting: “We had the month of Ramadan in Islam and it is very difficult to fast and play. You feel the physical and mental difficulty, not being able to drink or eat, this is one of the hardest things that happened to me. It affects the body, I I practiced fasting, our games were in the evening. I had more time to sleep and prepare, so it had an effect, but less than your fasting.”

“Ali Mohamed is not 100 percent, he may start tomorrow,” Bacher revealed at the press conference, “Juventus won convincingly in the last league game, it is clear that every team has advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that for them this is an important game, and they will do everything to win, but so will we We believe that a good result can be achieved.”

“Juve is a diverse team,” Bacher continued, “it can change a lot of formations. We prepare for all options, we can make adjustments to the opposing teams. They have a battery of stars in all positions, even if in a less good situation or a less good period. This is a very strong team And we have to prepare at the highest level possible.”

Regarding the fast there will be no problem, it will not be an excuse, many players who will not fast will play. We leave with compliments from the last two games but no points. I wish we could bring results in addition to our football. Obviously we would like to get the points even if we don’t play well. In any case, we want to play our football and make the crowd happy.”


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