The best way to take pills according to science

If you want to get a pill in this part of the stomach, your posture is essential to achieve it by acting on both gravity and the stomach’s natural asymmetry.

The team examined four postures. Taking pills while lying on your right side was by far the best. The pills entered the deepest part of the stomach and dissolved 2.3 times faster than in an upright position. That position came second and was essentially as effective as lying on your back. Lying on your left side gave the worst result.

The team was very surprised to find that if a pill took 10 minutes to dissolve when someone was lying on their right side, it could take 23 minutes to dissolve in an upright position and over 100 minutes when people were on their feet. left layers.

“For old, sedentary or bedridden people, whether they turn left or right can have a huge impact,” Mittal said.


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