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Saarbrücken – Your own house remains popular. But anyone who wants to build has to dig deeper into their pockets. While the corona virus slowed the increase last year, the prices for square meters of building land have now climbed again.

According to the LBS real estate price index in 2021, property costs have risen almost everywhere in Saarland. The only exception is the state capital Saarbrücken: Whereas in 2020 an average of 280 euros / m² had to be paid for a building plot, it is now an average of “only” 260 euros / m².

The reason: according to the LBS real estate companies, residential property in the surrounding area is particularly popular!

At 320 euros / m², Saarlouis remains an expensive place in Saarland. After all: no price increase compared to the previous year!

Plots in Nohfelden with 70 euros / m² (+20 euros) and Eppelborn with 80 euros / m² (+10 euros) remain cheap despite price increases.

According to LBS, a used single-family house is available from 130,000 euros in the municipality of Nohfelden, from 105,000 euros in Blieskastel, from 120,000 euros in Eppelborn and from 110,000 euros in the Mandelbachtal.

The real estate experts predict that there is likely to be an increase in buying interest in building land and older, detached houses. But building land is becoming scarce, which should also drive prices up.

A main criterion for citizens when looking for real estate is a fast internet connection. This was the result of a special survey in which 78% expressed this wish. The pandemic is also having an impact: 58% are considering setting up a home office when choosing a property.

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Source: BILD / Markus Brekenkamp, ​​Ralf Meier




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