Yesterday the Kostroma Regional Court put an end to the sensational case of the she-wolf Deineris.

It all started with the fact that in the summer of 2020 at the Dekun ranch, which is located in the village of Abramovo, Krasnoselsky district, an extremely unpleasant incident occurred – a she-wolf named Daenerys attacked a 6-year-old girl-visitor and severely injured the child’s leg.

Fortunately, doctors in Kostroma promptly operated on the child and completely restored the damaged limb. Nevertheless, the regional Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article “Providing services that do not meet safety requirements.” The reasons for this were: on the ranch, where the woman entrepreneur organized excursions, wild animals (including the she-wolf) were kept without proper security measures. The bars of the fence in the she-wolf’s enclosure, for example, were sparse enough for the animal to stick its muzzle between them and snatch a visitor.

However, while the investigation was underway, the woman entrepreneur and the parents of the injured girl entered into an amicable agreement, since the rancher and the she-wolf voluntarily reimbursed the family 250 thousand rubles. Parents at the trial announced that they had no claims against the mistress of the she-wolf, Daenerys, and the case ended relatively peacefully: a court fine of 50 thousand rubles. On this, the “Daenerys case” was closed … What the she-wolf herself does not suspect – she still lives on the ranch in conditions, perhaps even more comfortable than before: her cage is now surrounded by an additional fence, so that no one can approach the she-wolf is close enough to anger her.


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