The Candela Speed ​​Boat is not only a computer-controlled hydrofoil, but also one of the world’s first fully electric watercraft.

Venice is the main tourist destination in the world, but this status also puts a lot of pressure on the city. All transport in Venice is waterborne, and each of the ships, cutting through the waters of the canals, creates waves – and the waves beat into the facades of historic buildings. The more tourists, the more boats; the more boats, the more frequent the waves.

In addition, Venice is gradually sinking – by two millimeters a year, although this has nothing to do with the waves caused by the passage of ships.

Swedish designers have come up with a simple and very economical solution to this problem. Candela Speed ​​Boat has developed a hydrofoil, but not the usual one we know from the old days, like the Rocket or the Comet. In those ships, the wings were stationary; in the modern Swedish version, they are not only mobile, but can make many small movements to maintain the balance of the ship.

Michael Malberg, Communication Manager at Candela Speed ​​Boat, reassures: “There are practically no waves after the passage of such a boat. And also the water resistance when traveling on hydrofoils is minimal – only 20% in comparison with a conventional seagoing vessel.

Swedish electric hydrofoils are capable of long journeys and consume less energy than traditional Venetian diesel vehicles such as the vaporetto river buses, whose very name reflects their ability to smoke. And the absence of exhaust is an important detail of a Swedish vessel!

According to Malberg, in this boat one can and should see a prototype of the near future.

Vitaly Logofet


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