The Bòlit reflects, with art and science, on energy

The Bòlit reflects, with art and science, on energy

2023-06-09 06:30:59

An installation that uses the heliostat, a set of mirrors with a system for tracking the sun’s path, developed by Playmodes and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and which allows cultivating vegetables in the darkr; an experimental documentary by Stéphanie Roland that portrays the fall into the absolute blackness of space junk or the reflection of Azahara Cerezo from Celran on the environmental impact of the rare earths used by the electronics industry as a raw material are some of the proposals that are mentioned in the new Bòlit exhibition, which opens today.

The Contemporary Art Center of Girona seeks in art and science, both current and that of the pioneers of the 16th and 17th centuries, the answer to the question of how life can be generated in an environment without light or energy a Growing plants in the darkan exhibition that runs until October 8 at the Pou Rodó and La Rambla locations.

Curated by the director of Bòlit, Ingrid Guardiolathe exhibition invites to rethink our relationship with technology and energy to create more “poetic” and sustainable relationships with the environment in a context of energy poverty at two levels.

“It is a poverty in the field of management, exploitation and commercialization of resources (fossil fuels, water, gas, minerals, solar energy…), but also personal: we do not have energy – physical, mental, emotional – to do much nothing more than what we already do. The excess energy demand of a system based on the production of unlimited growth has its days numbered. He burn out individual and planetary is a fact», they assure from the Bòlit.

Local, Catalan and international artists such as Joana Moll, Xiana do Teixeiro, Emilio Fonseca or Núria Nia take over the Bòlit_LaRambla and the Bòlit_PouRodó, both with newly created works and already made productions.

The proposals are divided into two exhibition areas named after two verses by Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz, The handsome machine of the world i Guide yourself in a judicious lightand illuminated by Manel Quintana with a low consumption light ecosystem that “breathes”.

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