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Two years after his death due to an accident in the mountains, his wife wanted to remember the former coach of Milan, Foggia and Crotone. Stroppa’s preface

The memory of the love of a lifetime. That’s what it does Manuela Matrone with her husband,
Sergio Mascheroni, former AC Milan coach (with Carlo Ancelotti, winning everything there was to win, and Massimiliano Allegri), Foggia and Crotone with Giovanni Stroppa.

He does so in the book “È per te” two years after his death on 2 October 2019
in a tragic accident in the mountains in the Antrona Valley, in the Cheggio area, in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.

Sergio and Manuela meet for the first time almost by chance, but that’s enough to spark mutual curiosity. Thus begins the story with which Manuela has decided to retrace the love story with her husband: from when they met and fell in love to the behind-the-scenes experience of the important successes and trophies won by him. Until that fateful 2 October 2019, when Sergio leaves home for the last time. The accident that takes him away changes the life of Manuela and their two children forever.

“It’s for you” tells the story of a woman next to a man who pursues great passions that make continuous mediations and compromises with private life inevitable, but he is also the vivid testimony of a love and pain experienced in the first person. A precious piece of real life. Mascheroni has left a void in his family, in his colleagues, in Crotone, which in 2019-2020 flies in Serie A. And when the goal is reached, the coach Giovanni Stroppa dedicates the promotion to him. And Manuela had wanted to thank everyone: «I would like to send the whole city the warmest compliments and thanks from me and my children. A huge thank you to the club, unique to me, and to the team: you are truly special, in this year you have helped us a lot and made us feel part of your group. Sergio has always believed in you. A special thanks also to all the staff, a family for my husband. And last but not least, thanks to you fans who fill our hearts with your warmth. You were right, Sergio also made them run from up there ».

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