“The Brahmin of excellence…” by James Vasantha on Basque speech

“The Brahmin of excellence…” by James Vasantha on Basque speech

Music composer James Vasanthan’s comments on social media will gain attention. It has also been subject to controversy from time to time. In this situation, recently James Vasanthan has made a comment on his social network by presenting the video of comedian Baski’s speech.

In this regard, James Vasanthan on his Facebook page said, “Someone had sent a video clip in which comedian Baski spoke. Watched, laughed and enjoyed his sense of humor as always. It didn’t affect me in any way. On the contrary, it can be said that he was reminded of a fact. “Brahmin is the supreme community in creativity”. There is no alternative for me. It is mostly a Brahmin who excels in music, instrumental music, film composition, instrumentalist, playback singer, singer, director, actor, actress, sports industry, information technology industry, science, economy, judiciary.

Does everyone know this? When he says that, on what basis can it be denied? He also raised the question as to why he should refuse and said, “If it causes me anger or hatred, it is my fault. I will prepare myself to compete with them, or fall away. I learn many good things from them. Beyond this, there has been an allegation that they are taking away the opportunity of others. I totally disagree with that. They have certain strengths. The ability to express one’s ideas clearly, to take tough ideas politely, to face even those who don’t like it with a smile, to identify oneself in a crowd with one’s skills, to brush aside insults and stay on target are some examples.

And, “They succeed by displaying these strengths at the right place and at the right time. We need to learn those strategies. If not possible, we should continue quietly in our own style. I must have the ability to run fast, or develop it. How can I blame someone who runs faster than me? I’m not talking about an interceptor or a pass rusher. Is he wrong, whoever he is?” He also said.

Earlier in one of Baski’s programs, “Brahmin Community, known for its creativity, is the supreme community in the world. There is no doubt about that,” he said.

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