the bride arrives in church by helicopter-

Three months to organize the wedding, twelve hours to blow it up and another six to save it. It seems like a romance novel incipit, instead the story of Kate Fotheringham and Wayne Bell, betrothed who risked not getting married due to the floods that are plaguing Australia. In the area of Port Macquerie, where the center where they live is also located, Wingham, from Thursday to last Sunday they fell well 90 centimeters of rain. The wedding was scheduled for Saturday, at three in the afternoon. And from the morning it became clear to Kate that the wedding was at risk: to reach the church, a few minutes from the house where he lived with his parents, he would have to go through an underpass that was completely flooded.

The solutions to get Kate to the church

But the future spouses did not give up. Rather. They do not have n canceled n postponed marriageinstead, they immediately looked for possible solutions to bring Kate to the church. The first idea, as the young woman told in an interview with Guardian, was that of use a boat. Igoddess immediately shelved for potential security problems. Another hypothesis was to exploit in some way the railway line passing by Kate’s parents’ house. But this too was a complicated solution to implement. Finally, the two thought of some sort of airlift and began to call all helicopter companies of the surroundings.

The request for help on Twitter

At this point, Kate decided to try another route and posted a heartfelt appeal on his Twitter profile: Help me! – he wrote – the day of my wedding and we are in the bala of the floods. We need help to reach Wingham by crossing the flooded rivers. Can anyone give us a hand ?.

The arrival of the helicopter and the wedding (with rain boots)

A local TV responded to the tweet by offering a ride on a helicopter: in less than an hour, the time it took for the helicopter to arrive, Kate got dressed and prepared for her wedding (rain boots included). Making it to the church almost in time: in the end, he was only 15 minutes late. To tell it, it seems incredible, he admitted after the ceremony. Which took place with all the trappings, photo of the ritual and throwing of the bouquet included. But, not to forget this moment, the couple decided to pose with an unusual background: the photos of the couple, who already have photos around the web, were taken in front of the streets blocked by the floods.

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