The “Bridgerton” star will not appear in the third season of the series

The “Bridgerton” star will not appear in the third season of the series

The actress Phoebe Dinbour, aka Daphne from “Bridgerton”, will not appear in the third season of the series. “I did my two seasons,” the actress said in an interview with Variety magazine. “I did what I wanted to do with this character, and it was great. If they ask me to come back in the future, who knows?”. In another interview, for the website Screen Rant, Dinbur explained that “I’m excited to see the third season as a viewer.”

The actress, as mentioned, played the character of Daphne Bridgerton in the Netflix hit. She was the main star of the first season, which told the story of the stormy relationship between Daphne, played by her, and Simon Bassett, played by Rega Jean Page.

Reggae Jean Page and Phoebe Dinbour in the first season of “Bridgerton”|Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

In the series of books by Julia Quinn, on which “Bridgerton” is based, each of the books deals with a different brother of the Bridgerton family. The television series also relies on this structure, and accordingly – the second season of “Bridgerton” shifted the spotlight from Daphne’s character and directed it to Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), her older brother, and to his lover Kate Sharma (Simon Ashley). Daphne became a secondary character, and her presence in the series was significantly reduced. What’s more, Page left “Bridgerton” unexpectedly at the end of the first season, which left her character without a significant storyline in the second season.

The third season of “Bridgerton” will focus on the life of another brother of the Bridgerton family, Colin (Luke Newton) – and will tell the love story of him and Penelope Petherington (Nicola Cochlan). And certain details about the plot have already been revealed: at the beginning of the season, Penelope says goodbye to the hope that the relationship between her and Colin will become romantic and focuses on finding a groom. Colin, who returns from his summer travels, is disappointed when Penelope treats him coldly and is determined to win back her friendship – so he is engaged to help her find the perfect husband. But then, when his help becomes too effective, he is forced to confront the true feelings he has for his best friend.


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