The bus for mobile vaccinations is arriving from Daimler

Stuttgart, March 6 – (

A mobile anti-Covid vaccination station is the one prepared by Daimler Buses which – with the contribution of the Huber Group in Mühlhausen – has ‘retooled’ a Setra S 415 LE according to a concept that would allow fully digitized operations. The Setra MultiClass vehicle – underlines from Stuttgart – can thus offer even those who do not live near a vaccination center easy access to the coronavirus immunization campaign, easing the pressure on centralized vaccination centers.

The low-entry interurban bus is completing the related transformation works at the Neu-Ulm plant with ‘durable’ and structured solutions to be transferred to other vehicles. Thanks to the contribution of specialized doctors, vaccination specialists and qualified medical personnel, the vaccination processes were analyzed and then integrated into the vehicle concept, which also saw an enhancement of the elements suitable for connectivity. Among the additional equipment, a card reader for health cards and a scanner for reading the codes on injections.

In the front area of ​​the vehicle – 12.3 meters long – there are four vaccination booths equipped with special seats and protection for privacy. Consoles specially adapted to the vaccination procedure were placed between the booths. The trunk can be used for the stowage of prepared vaccinations, with color-coded loading supports so as to differentiate the various types. Alternatively, they can also be used to transport other medical materials.

The registration area is located in the rear boarding area, behind which there are some seats for medical clarifications and consultations, as well as a corner desk with document deposit for the on-board doctor. In the rear area of ​​the bus there is also a position for the preparation and commissioning of vaccination doses, as well as a wardrobe and a refrigerator for storing the doses.

Finally, great attention is paid to digitized solutions for the control of processes and documentation, with simplified procedures for recording and coordinating appointments, even for the second dose. The process is done digitally via a secure web platform. The Setra vaccination bus is scheduled to go into service at the end of March.


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