The cancellation of the grandson clause leads to a conflict in the future coalition

The intention of parts of the opposition to cancel the grandson clause in the Law of Return leads to an internal coalition conflict, with a senior Likud calling on the partners to leave the law and not touch it: “Write down what I’m saying – if we come to changes in the Law of Return, in five years it won’t exist”

The Knesset Plenum held a special hearing today (Tuesday) to mark Aliya Day. During it, the conflict within the coalition was recorded around the religious demand to cancel the grandson section, section 4a of the Law of Return which grants the right to the grandchildren of Jews who immigrated to Israel to join and immigrate to Israel regardless of whether they are Jewish or not.

MK Yuli Edelstein of the Likud expressed opposition to the cancellation of the clause, when in the background this week data was published showing an increase in thousands of non-Jews “The demographic composition of the immigrants at the moment also worries me, but for those who really want to change the demographic composition, invite me for a cup of coffee and I will You have a lot of advice. The Law of Return should not be touched,” he said in his speech that impressed the members of the intended opposition.

According to Edelstein, “write down what I’m saying – if we come to changes in the return law, it won’t exist in five years. Therefore, let’s not propose to make it a fundamental law, let’s not propose to change anything in it, let’s not propose to improve it. Leave it alone. With a correct policy, many things can be changed without touching the Law of Return.”

MK Amichai Eliyahu of ‘Otzma Yehudit’ expressed support for the repeal of the grandson clause and said: “We must return to a terminology that sees its owner as the Holy of Holies of the Jewish people. The prayer of the generations. We must allocate an important part of the copy budgets that the state invests in reception in order to establish the third leg. And in addition – we must work together to amend the grandson clause in the Law of Return, in order to ensure the unique character of the State of Israel,” he said.

We note that Knesset Member Bezalel Smotrich is leading the issue for the cancellation or modification of the clause, as of this hour the one who opposes the cancellation of the clause is Prime Minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu and the Likud faction and Yuli Edelstein is the first to say so publicly as an immigrant from the Soviet Union.


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