The CAPES conference room now bears the name of Naaba Baongo de Gourcy

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2023-06-03 09:23:12

The Center for Economic and Social Policy Analysis (CAPES) inaugurated its new conference room on Friday, June 2, 2023. For the cause, a public conference was held on the theme “Advocacy for the State”.

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« Naaba Baongo conference room in Gourcy, this is the name of the new conference room of the center for the analysis of economic and social policies (CAPES) inaugurated this Friday, June 2, 2023. To hear the director of CAPES, Dr. Victor Sanou, this act is a tribute to the great man who is the Naaba Baongo de Gourcy.

DR Victor Sanou, director of CAPES

« This choice is imposed on us by the way. Because Dr Elie Justin Ouédraogo is a man of vision. He is a modest man. When he was executive director of CAPES, from its beginnings since 2004, he thought for CAPES, for its sustainability, it should have its own seat, its own mat to sleep on, in a building that belongs to it.

This is why in his time, he made contacts to have this 2000m2 plot of land and then he drew up the plan for this building at his own expense at the time, because the CAPES had no resources, and he made everything so that we can have a building at the height of the institution represented by CAPES “, he testified.

Naaba Baongo of Gourcy

For the Naaba Baongo of Gourcy, in the civil status Dr Elie Justin Ouédraogo, it is with great satisfaction that he sees his name worn on this jewel. Moreover, he placed this action under two major signs.

« First under the sign of recognition for having supported, with the help of my collaborators at the time, the CAPES project in these first moments on the baptismal font. This recognition goes to me but also to those who have been by my side all these years when it was necessary to baptize to anchor CAPES in the institutional landscape of Faso. This recognition is also the sign of a forward-looking vision, the very one that is the mission of CAPES“, he said.

The opportunity being the thief, this new infrastructure has therefore after its inauguration housed the public conference of the day. Hosted by Professor Soungalo Apollinaire Ouattara, this public conference focused on the theme “Advocacy for the State”. This is an opportunity for the president of the first CAPES orientation council to talk about his work “advocacy for the State” which is in line with the theme of the day.

“During the conference, we will talk about the book, Advocacy for the State, what is its content. Today is a good opportunity to present the content of this book to the academic world, to students, and to those involved in active life”, indicated the former speaker of the Burkinabè parliament and former minister of the public.

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