The car in which the famous actress was traveling caught fire.. She was admitted to the hospital in critical condition..!

A famous actress from America’s car was involved in an accident and caught fire. The actress was seriously injured and admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

From 1997 to 1998, Annie H. became a popular actress. Annie H, a famous actress who won Emmy awards, was traveling in her car yesterday in the Los Angeles area of ​​the United States.
Actor Anne Heche Severely Burned After Car Crash Into Los Angeles Home |  America: The car in which the famous actress was traveling lost control and an accident - the car caught fire ...
Then, a car crashed into a house in the Mar Vista area and caught fire. In this, actress Annie H was seriously injured. The owner of the house was in the back of the house at the time of the horrific accident and was unhurt.

Around 60 firemen rushed to the spot and battled for an hour to douse the fire. The car caught fire immediately after the accident. Ani H was trapped inside the car and was unable to get out and was engulfed in flames. However, it is not yet confirmed whether Annie was driving the car.

Officials who rushed to the area and conducted a rescue operation said they rescued Anne Hech from the back of the car. Whether the actress was driving under the influence of alcohol will be revealed at the end of the medical report. The police have registered a case and are investigating the accident.


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