A regulatory mess risks complicating things for retired doctors and nurses took to the field since the beginning of the pandemic (despite age-related risks) to help younger colleagues cope with the coronavirus wave. The alarm, started from a signal on The New Ferrara, concerns a amendment of the League to the Covid decree of January 14, converted into law in mid-March. It provides that “health and socio-health companies” can attribute assignments with expiry “no later than 31 December 2022” to health personnel who have obtained the old age pension. But on one condition: those who are summarized “are not paid the social security treatment for the monthly salaries for which the assignment is paid “. Basically his check is frozen. According to the unions, the norm is likely to discourage who would like to lend a hand: “Over a thousand doctors have already given willingness to act as a vaccinators, but if you have to get stuck in bureaucratic issues, pension practices and re-employment subscriptions, everything becomes more problematic and there is the risk of waiver“, Explains a Ilfattoquotidiano.it Carlo Palermo, secretary of Anaao Assomed. “Yet if you really want to reach the target of 500 thousand injections a day to get out of the pandemic, you need the contribution of all“.

The paradox is that there was already a rule to call health personnel back into service. In March 2020, in fact, the government Conte had decided to involve retirees with the Cura Italia decree. Which allowed the Regions to assign “assignments” of self-employment or co.co.co. for “maximum six months” to “medical, veterinary and health managers as well as to personnel in the health role of the health sector, placed on retirement, even if not registered in the competent professional register as a consequence of retirement “. All in derogation “all’incumulabilità between income from self-employment and pension ”provided for by the law on pensioners with quota 100. This scheme had been confirmed throughout 2021 by the budget law (Article 1, paragraph 423), but then the Northern League has spun the cards. The amendment now at the center of the controversy – which introduces exemptions for managerial, study and consultancy positions – was presented in Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate in February. The first signatory, according to what appears to the Fatto.it, is the senator Roberto Calderoli, flanked by colleagues Luigi Augussori, Ugo Grassi, Daisy Pirovano and Alessandra Riccardi. The Studies Office of the Parliament had “reminded” the senators that “in the discipline up to now valid, the remuneration of some positions “by health companies to retired doctors is already foreseen until the end of 2021, but in the end the Draghi government gave the ok and the rule passed by a large majority.

The confusion created by the two measures, Palermo of Anaao Assomed warns, is now in danger of creating as a deterrent for those who intended to do their part in the fight against Covid. “A rule for involving retired doctors already existed and it hadn’t created any problems. During the first wave there is also who has lost their life because he went back to the hospital and got infected in the ward ”. One year later, the alarm still concerns the terapie intensive, in trouble in almost all of Italy, “but also vaccinations. We are in a vaccination emergency“, Explains the union secretary. What is the solution? “It could be done as for the trainees, who keep the scholarship and in addition are paid 40 euros per hour for any additional hours used for the emergency, from the wards to the administrations “. The hope, therefore, is that the government corrects the rule and does not create obstacles to widen the audience of vaccinators. “All the forces in the field – concludes Palermo – should be used to achieve the goal”. He thinks so too Francesco Ripa di Meana, President of the Federation of Health and Hospital Trusts, who in a note quoted by Messenger he asked the executive to take a step back: “The law – it says – will bring i sanitary who have made themselves available to lend their collaboration in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic a renounce the assignments”.

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