The cause of death of her fiancée was revealed

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Although the circumstances of Gabi Patito’s murder will probably never be fully clarified, the pathological results surrounding the death of her fiancée, Brian Lundry, who was found dead about a month ago in Florida, were released yesterday.

As you may recall, Lundry and Petito documented their trip across the U.S. last summer until at some point their relationship deteriorated and witnesses described the quarrels between them as having even used violence.

After several weeks in which there was no record of their trip on the nets, Patito’s body was found in a national park near the last place the two were observed with severe signs of violence on her. Although the case was declared murder, Lundry was not suspected of her murder but his disappearance from the arena and his absence from the public eye immediately afterwards for about a whole month made people wonder if he had murdered her. His body was found not far from his home in Florida.

As stated on Tuesday they gave the cause of his death. According to the family’s attorney “authorities told Lundry’s parents that he died as a result of gunfire, and that the manner of death is suicide.”

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