The cause of the death of Aziz Al-Ahmad, the Saudi YouTuber.. Serious symptoms of this disease

The Saudi YouTuber, Aziz Al-Ahmad, died today, Thursday, January 19, in a Saudi hospital, at the age of 27, and the news spread on social media, and caused a shock to the Saudi audience who follows him and all his followers in various countries of the world, who is known as Aziz Al-Asmar and hashtag Aziz. Al-Asmar is the site of short tweets (Twitter), and a state of sadness prevailed among the social media audience and his followers, and it is mentioned that Aziz Al-Ahmad was suffering from growth problems, and many wonder about the cause of the death of the Saudi YouTuber, Aziz Al-Ahmad, which we explain to you during this report. Follow us.

The death of Aziz Al-Ahmad Al-Qazm

Many mourned the death of the late, as he was drawing laughter and smiles and one of the most beautiful comic characters, and a wide audience sympathized with him through social media, as he was suffering from a genetic disease and a hormonal disorder, and his family tried to treat him, but to no avail, and those with this disease suffer. With problems, whether in shape and height, or difficult health problems and suffering from disease.

The reason for the death of YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad

Aziz Al-Ahmad died due to the deterioration of his health, as he suffered from birth problems from birth, and he did not find any treatment for his condition, and his health deteriorated recently until his death today, and it is reported that the death of the Saudi YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad was not officially announced, but some means confirmed The media and sources close to the death on social networking sites, which caused a great state of grief on social networking sites, especially Twitter, where it has a lot of audience and followers at the level of the Arab world.

Biography of YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad Wikipedia

The YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad was born in the city of Riyadh to a Saudi family in 1995, and the public called him Aziz the Dwarf, and he died at the young age of 27 years. Tik Tok.

Because of his distinctive shape, he achieved great popularity, and he used to publish many comic videos on various social networking sites and on Snapchat, and he has hundreds of thousands of followers and audiences, and the comic clips that he published attract the attention of millions.

Aziz Al-Saudi is married and has a one-month-old child. Aziz Al-Ahmad lived in Saudi Arabia and moved between various Arab countries in the Arab world to share comic videos with many artists, and publish them on social media platforms.


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