The celebs who chose not to live in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv, you dear Tel Aviv, look for the ATMs around, because the city without a break is now also the most expensive in the world and it is official. Last week, the city where everything seems to happen, won the title of the most expensive city in the world, when it was ranked first in Economist Magazine’s most expensive cities list for 2021. While it seems that almost all celebs choose to live in the heart of the swamp, where most of them are Because quite a few of them prefer to build their home and private fortress away from the hustle and bustle of the center and the paparazzi ticks, and choose to stay away from the bubble.

We have compiled for you some of them including a detailed map.

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Omar Miller and Shiran Kedar

The well-known chef and his designer and stylist wife moved from Neve Tzedek to Moshav Neve Yarak about a year ago, where they live with their three children in a house that they carefully renovated and designed in a unique and pampering style, befitting a couple with fine and artistic taste.

Omar Miller and Shiran Kadan, Photo: Instagram

Omer Adam

The successful singer may have spent long days abroad and is no longer permanently at his parents’ home in Mishmar HaShiva, but this has been his mother base for many years, enjoying his own luxurious housing unit.

Omer Adam, Photo: Guy Zeltzer

Keren Peles and Noam Tor

Peles and Tor have not lived in the center for years, and have established his own quiet home on the coast (a community settlement in the Hefer Valley), where they enjoy the green of nature that surrounds them instead of the black soot of pollution in the center. They share all this goodness with their two children, a dog, a goat and a chicken coop.

Noam Tor and Keren Peles, Photo: Meir Partosh

Static and Sarit Polak

Liraz Russo, who is half of the musical duo Static and Ben-El, and his wife Sarit, do spend long days in the center due to their occupations (and also abroad in the case of Static), but their mother base is far away and has been regularly since childhood in Haifa.

Ben-El Tavori, on the other hand, currently lives in a luxury tower in Tel Aviv, but reportedly purchased a luxury penthouse apartment in a project in Haifa in Neve Sha’anan, which he will move into when the extensive renovation is completed.

Tal Friedman

Friedman has lived in Kiryat Tivon for many years with his wife and three children, and also lovingly cultivates an organic vegetable garden and a chicken and even a rain measuring station in the garden. When he needs to create, be photographed for projects or change the atmosphere, Friedman comes to another apartment he owns in the center.

Tal Friedman, Photo: Moshe Shai

Mosh Ben Ari

In the past, the successful singer lived in Moshav Ametz (Moshav in the Hefer Valley) and today his permanent residence is Moshav Bnei Zion. As of 2015 he is also a partner in the famous and touristy beach known as “Mosh Beach”.

Mosh Ben Ari, Photo: Efrat Eshel

Yuval Banai

After Banai divorced actress Orly Zilbershtz, he moved his home to Moshav Ilaniya – where he also farmed and even produced oil. Banai is currently married to Amalia Rosenblum (sister of Ido Rosenblum and sister-in-law of Yonit Levy), and together with their joint son, the two divide their time between Ilania and Tel Aviv.

Yuval Banai, Photo: Instagram

Hanan Ben Ari

Although the successful singer stars on stages all over the country, he chose to establish his home with his wife and their six children away from the hustle and bustle of the center, in Pardes Hanna.

Hanan Ben Ari, Photo: Coco

Lior Kalfon

The actor, who also managed to sign a ticket as a tenant in the “Big Brother” house, lives with his wife and four children in Binyamina.

Lior Kalfon, Photo: Micha Loveton

Geva Alon

The successful musician, who grew up on Kibbutz Maabarot in the Hefer Valley, has lived for many years in Ma’ale Gamla, a moshav in the southern Golan Heights.

Geva Alon, Photo: Goli Cohen


The famous music producer, who is best known for his joint work with Static and Ben-El, lives in Kiryat Bialik with his wife and daughter.

Jordy, Photo: Yehoshua Yosef

Dana Berger

The successful singer and actress, who also managed to sign a ticket for the seventh season of “Survival”, lives in Ramat Raziel (a moshav in the Judean hills) with her partner and their two children.

Dana Berger, Photo: Moshe Shai

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