The CENI is moving forward despite everything

The CENI is moving forward despite everything

2023-09-18 07:30:00

Preparations for the presidential election are progressing despite the gloomy political atmosphere that has prevailed for several weeks. The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) today begins contacting and training non-permanent members of this body, from political parties, representing candidates.

Corroborating sources also indicate that the printing of documents and ballot papers in South Africa is underway. Statistics are even mentioned, but they still remain to be verified. In any case, procedures are moving forward in the organization of the presidential election on November 9.

In addition to the CENI, the candidates are continuing their mobilizations although they are showing unparalleled solidarity in opposition to the validation of the candidacy of the outgoing president, whom they continue to denounce to all authorities. Despite everything, they face criticism and mockery from those close to Andry Rajoelina.

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