The Central Bank did not support the idea of ​​informing about calls from scammers for free

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The Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Digital Industry and telecom operators criticized the idea of ​​the National Front (ONF) to oblige operators to inform citizens about fraudsters’ calls free of charge. There is no big economic sense to oblige operators to inform the client about the fraudster’s call for free, noted the first deputy head of the information security department of the Central Bank Artem Sychev: the user must decide for himself whether to connect the service, since not everyone needs it, and the operators make money on it. According to Sychev, when the call “from the bank’s security service” ceased to affect the clients, they were called allegedly from the Ministry of Internal Affairs or “State Services”. The same will happen with informing about calls, he believes: after a while scammers will learn to bypass these systems and the consequences can be even worse.

Informing is the last step that should be taken, said Vladimir Bengin, director of the cybersecurity department of the Ministry of Digital Security: citizens, especially the older generation, may not pay attention to pop-up notifications and messages that the call is untrusted. According to him, when the problem of telephone fraud is so widespread, it is necessary to solve it itself, and information will only reduce the number of victims by 20-30%, but not 90%.


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