The CEO said himself…Nothing Phone (2) has not been launched soon, of course, let’s focus on Phone (1) first!

It’s been about 5 months since Nothing Phone (1), the first smartphone from the Nothing brand, was launched to create hype among fans around the world. Nothing Phone (1)T or Phone (2) came out just like Carl Pei did when he was OnePlus.

But sadly, that may not happen at Nothing, as Carl Pei has made it clear via Twitter that: “Phone (2) won’t be launching any time soon. We are focused on doing some things well and are not releasing dozens of products per year like other brands.”

Phone (1) remains our primary focus. And we are working on really great software on Android 13 and beyond.

Nothing also revealed that the three products released so far have sold more than 1 million units (including 500,000 Nothing Phone (1)).

It can be called a brand that continues to grow for Nothing, distinguished by the style and uniqueness of each product. Anyone who is already aiming for Nothing Phone (1) is afraid that if they buy it, there will be a new model soon? Definitely not outdated soon, the CEO has confirmed this.

Source: Times of India.


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