The Cervantes Institute will have an extension at the University of Virginia (USA)

The Cervantes Institute will have an extension at the University of Virginia (USA)

2023-09-22 08:20:01

As reported by Cervantes, its director, Luis García Montero, will sign an agreement with that university in Charlottesville (Virginia) to establish what will be the first presence of the Institute in the area of ​​influence of Washington DC

This extension, which will be dependent on the Cervantes Institute in New York, will mainly develop professional development courses for Spanish teachers, a program of cultural activities and actions aimed at the dissemination of Spanish or culture in Spanish in the United States, according to the source. .

Likewise, it will have the figure of a “Professor Cervantes”, a renowned teacher from the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese department of the university, selected jointly by both entities, with a renewable four-year appointment.

Among its tasks, carried out in collaboration with the director of the Cervantes in New York, Richard Bueno Hudson, will be the promotion of cultural activities, the promotion of the activity of the Cervantes Institute in the country and the dialogue with other American academic institutions.

The teaching center will also make its facilities available for the development of these programs, as well as for the holding of the DELE Spanish exams (diplomas of Spanish as a foreign language). The agreement will be valid for four years, renewable.

As for the University of Virginia, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. Among its students are personalities such as Edgar Allan Poe or Robert Kennedy and, among its teachers, the Nobel Prize in Literature, William Faulkner, has passed through it.

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It is currently the public institution that receives the largest number of students in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

More than 1,500 students study at the elementary and intermediate levels of the Language Department, which has forty Spanish teachers, making it one of the largest Spanish language teaching centers in the United States.

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