the CGT indicates that it will go to Matignon

the CGT indicates that it will go to Matignon

2023-05-06 17:32:43


The Prime Minister sent these invitations on Friday for talks without a “specific agenda”.

The general secretary of the CGT Sophie Binet will go to Matignon on May 16 or 17, thus responding to the Prime Minister’s invitation to the unions for bilateral talks, the CGT said on Saturday.

The Prime Minister issued these invitations on Friday for talks without “specific agenda“, which intervene after the promulgation of the very disputed pension reform and important demonstrations on May 1st. “Sophie Binet ira chez Elisabeth Borne“, told AFP a spokesperson for the CGT who had cast doubt on his participation in these exchanges.

A battle that “is not over”

The Prime Minister launched these invitations to the five representative unions – CFDT, CGT, FO-CFE-CGC and CFTC – a month after a meeting in Matignon with the inter-union opposed to the reform. The meeting was then cut short and the trade unions scheduled a new day of demonstrations on June 6.

CFDT boss Laurent Berger, who intends to accept the invitation, said on Thursday that the “bataille” against the pension reform was “not finished“. In particular, he appealed toall parliamentarianswhich will examine on June 8 a bill from the independent group Liot aimed at repealing the postponement of the retirement age to 64 years. Regarding the upcoming interviews at Matignon, “we will have a method requirement» et «we would like to know if it is to negotiate, discuss or blablater“”, he had said, before Matignon launched his invitations.

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