The Chamber of Entrepreneurs has estimated the damage from the riots in Kazakhstan at almost $ 200 million

The damage to business in Kazakhstan caused during the riots in the country exceeded 87.2 billion tenge (about $ 198 million or 14.7 billion rubles), the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs said. The chamber reported that it received 1,424 calls in connection with the situation, more than half of them on looting issues.

“The approximate amount of damage is about 87.2 billion tenge, of which 85.8 billion in Almaty,” – stated in the message of Atameken in Telegram.

More than 867 calls to the Atameken call center are associated with looting, 23 – with force majeure circumstances, the organization reports. In the course of the actions of the protesters, 519 entrepreneurs were injured, the damage affected 622 shopping and entertainment centers and trading houses, Sputnik Kazakhstan reports additional data from the chamber.

The reason for the protests in Kazakhstan, going on since the beginning of the year, was the increase in prices for liquefied gas, later the demonstrators began to put forward demands of a political and economic nature. During the riots, dozens of people were killed and hundreds were injured. The government has resigned, a state of emergency is in force throughout the country. The forces of the CSTO were sent to Kazakhstan, today the peacekeepers have begun work.

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