The Chancellor’s era is over: This is the new government to be formed in Germany

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New coalition in Germany: Weeks after Germany’s election day in which outgoing Chancellor Merkel’s party under Armin Lasht’s new leadership lost to the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Olaf Schultz is expected to declare ‘I have won’.

According to the coalition agreements we first made with two parties other than the ruling party. The Green Party and the Free Democratic Party. The color of the three parties together is red, yellow and green, which has been dubbed the ‘traffic light coalition’.

The number of ministers will increase by just one meat more than the previous government – from 16 ministers to 17.

According to data published in the German Der Spiegel, theSPD You will get the following positions:

Chancellor – Olaf Schultz.

• Ministry of the Interior (split into the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Construction).

• Ministry of Defence.

• Ministry of Construction and Housing.

• Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

• Ministry of Health.

• Ministry of Economic Cooperation.

The Green Party is expected to receive the following portfolios:

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Analana Barbuk.

• Ministry of Economy and Climate.

• Ministry of Agriculture.

• Family Office.

• Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection.

The Free Democratic Party is expected to receive the following portfolios:

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• Ministry of Finance – Christian Lindner.

• Department of Justice.

• Department of Transportation.

• Ministry of Education and Research – Bettina Stark-Wetzinger.

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The attitude towards Israel – will it change?

Prophecy is known to have been given to fools, but what we do know is that the party that has held the throne for more than 16 years – is thrown into the opposition.

However, Olaf Schultz and his party, the Social Democratic Party, have in the past voted in favor of pro-Israel laws, most notably the law that defines the BDS boycott movement as anti-Semitic.

In contrast, the next foreign minister is Analana Barbuk. As reported this week in Kikar, she was accused of making problematic statements about Israel, including a statement that submarines should not be sold to Israel, and during the Wall Guard condemned the ‘silence on all sides’, which drew sharp criticism in Israel in particular, but also in Germany.

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