The Chief Rabbi of South Africa: Closing Israel to the Jews of the World “Gives a Feeling of Second-Class Jews”

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After the government decided to classify 50 countries on the African continent as red, and after the ministerial committee to deal with the corona virus approved the prime minister and health minister’s proposals, a proposal banning foreigners from entering the country for two weeks.

Rabbi of South Africa Rabbi Dr. Zeev Warren Goldstein calls on the State of Israel to compare the conditions of entry into Israel between the Jews of the world and those of Israeli citizens, claiming that closing Israel to the Jews of the world conveys to them that they are type B Jews. , Especially in times of crisis. A total closure of the State of Israel to the Jews of the world signals to the Jewish communities that from the point of view of Israel they are considered second-class Jews.

The new variant does not differentiate between a Jew with Israeli citizenship and another Jew. The right way to combat the entry of variants is by creating an effective testing mechanism that includes an isolation period, as has been the case in the past. Do not close the gates of the State of Israel to us. It’s a slippery slope that can do more harm than good. I call on the Prime Minister and the members of the Corona Cabinet to reconsider the consequences before making a decision. “

As mentioned, according to the decision of the Ministerial Committee to deal with the corona virus, foreigners will be allowed to enter Israel from all countries, except in cases approved by the Exceptions Committee. Will be done upon boarding the plane, and the second after a stay in solitary confinement in the Corona Hotel, only after which citizens returning to Israel will be able to move to home solitary confinement, until a negative result is obtained and released from solitary confinement.

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