The Choir of São Paulo is out of tune in Peru – Marion Mueller Chueca

The Choir of São Paulo is out of tune in Peru – Marion Mueller Chueca

After the arrest in flagrante of the coup leader Pedro Castillo, Dina Boluarte constitutionally and temporarily assumed the presidency of Peru until early general elections are called this year. The point is that Boluarte is being attacked by the same people who voted for her, and who are now demanding her resignation through violent protests, as well as a referendum to convene a Constituent Assembly.

She was vice president with Castillo, and her current position is openly in defense of democracy. Instead, for the radical narrative, she has become a traitor and murderer, who is accused of the death of 50 people in extremely violent demonstrations. In an attempt to give gas light to all of Peru, it is intended to make believe that Boluarte’s presidential succession is void and that Castillo was unjustly imprisoned.

The international left represented by the members of the “São Paulo Choir” has come out singing in unison in defense of the coup leader Pedro Castillo. A mythomaniac with 57 open tax investigations for corruption.

The singing pathocrats López Obrador, Boric, Cabello, Arce, Petro, Xiomara Castro etc. are in charge of transforming Castillo into the martyr to an absolutely false narrativewhich grotesquely defies intelligence.

On the international geostrategic and geopolitical board, Peru is a key player both due to its geographical location and its abundance of raw materials such as copper, zinc, silver, gold, or rare earths. Enough reasons to arouse the interests of many.

These singers from São Paulo who so disinterestedly defend interests foreign to Peru are victimizing a criminal who tried to derail the established democratic order.

Lopez Obradorin another attempt to blur reality, faithful to his custom, he assures that the economic and political elites of Peru “forced” Castillo to declare himself dictator in order to remove him, and evidently calls for his release.

Evo Moraleswho has just been declared persona non grata by the Peruvian Congress, has also not stopped interfering in Peruvian politics for more than a year, promoting separatism in the southern provinces of the country, and assuring that the political crisis has been provoked for the “permanent conspiracy of the right-wing media against a government elected at the polls and whose unforgivable crime was representing the poorest”. [sic]

The one who was a member of the terrorist group M-19 Gustavo Petrohe assures that he does not understand “how can there be a president imprisoned and who has lost his constitutional functions, which he acquired through popular vote, without there being a sentence from a criminal judge against him” [sic]. Bertold Brecht pointed out that: “He who does not know the truth is simply ignorant. But he who knows it and calls it a lie, he is a criminal.”

The international left tries to reduce the case of a corrupt criminal who served as a straw man for a criminal organization and who carried out a coup, to a debate on racism/classism and to describe Dina Boluarte as a murderous dictator.

Castillo is a puppet whose imprisonment is part of a perverse and violent staging, which seeks to establish a Constituent Assembly at all costs. The plan from the beginning has consisted of establish a totalitarian regime in the purest Castro/Chavista style whatever the price.

Vladimir Cerrón, owner of Peru Libre and Castillo’s main mentor, who defines himself as a Marxist, Leninist and Maoist, explains it bluntly: “Power does not undergo elections every five years, only the administration of the state bureaucracy.”

The political and social chaos that has been unleashed after the failed coup, is exactly what was sought. The simultaneous seizure of 5 airports, added to the blockade of roads throughout the country, and the burning of police stations and buildings, is clearly part of a premeditated and perfectly drawn plan.

This can be seen in the meticulous coordination of the messages that the entire ruling party launched after the coup, and in the political focus of some protests charged with violence and lacking in social demands.

Castillo ordered the temporary closure of Congress and the arrest of the National Prosecutor. His orders were disobeyed by the Armed Forces, and hours later he was vacated by a majority in the Peruvian Congress.

Subsequently, the Public Ministry proceeded to arrest him, when he was fleeing in an official car in the direction of the Mexican embassy, ​​where everything seemed prepared to be protected by the fucking cheeky AMLO, a storyteller who presents a boring morning program on Mexican television entitled the mornings.

Since his arrest, Castillo has declared absolutely nothing before the Prosecutor’s Office, as was the case in all his previous appearances for corruption cases. The chotano neither feels nor suffers.

Through their Twitter account managed by their mentors, they continue to write and launch apocalyptic/populist messages of the type: “The day of justice for our people is drawing closer. Those responsible for this massacre will soon face up for crimes of lesa Humanity and its mafia press will not be able to save them. Peru, with firm steps, is forging its liberation and is one step away from the Constituent Assembly”. [sic]

Institutions and democracy in Peru are currently being defended by the National Prosecutor’s Office, the Armed Forces, and the Police.

It is important to remark that Peru is not a banana Republic, no matter how much some insist on turning it into one. What is undeniable is that the current situation in the country is quite similar to a box of bombs about to explode. The violence unleashed in recent weeks has left the unfortunate figure of 60 dead, and hundreds injured.

For a year and a half, radical parties and movements have been financed with state funds, money from drug trafficking and illegal mining, which have now gone into action generating chaos and violence. The gears of the corrupt and failed Castillo presidency are still fully active.

There is no doubt that the fragile Peruvian democracy has many pending issues and a daunting job ahead, but all of this is a task that we Peruvians have to do together and in democracy, we do not need a chorus of colluding out of tune. From Peru its Liberty.



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